Shaolin Temple Martial Arts Academy has been established in

Vancouver since 2002 to promote kung fu learning from

Shaolin’s 1,500-year rigorous tradition of uniting Chan

Buddhism and Kung Fu.



Master Shi Xing Wu, a 32nd generation warrior monk from

Shaolin Temple, is a recognized ninth-level Chinese Martial Art

Master and top-tier National Wushu referee. His extensive

teaching experience and meticulous patience make him an

outstanding coach to lead you into the path of Kung Fu.




“All kung fu have their origins from Shaolin Temple.” – Chinese proverb

Shaolin kung fu

Comprehensive Shaolin kung fu art forms could channel restlessness of youth to build true strengths and characters while its rich Chan philosophy could provide purposes and guidance in life. Master Shi Xing Wu’s teaching applies rigorous Shaolin wushu training principles to build stamina and flexibility by working muscles and joints while building internal energy and mental discipline.